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Christmas in July!

No, but really, I promised Ink and Vis ficmas fics for Christmas. It’s now almost May. The ball has dropped so hard it has made it to the Earth’s core.

In any case, have some Miracle Child reSGRUB AU ficfic!

Happy ficmas five months late Inktail!

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You swear, the first thing you are going to do when you meet up with the others again is killing Rossan. Rossan Flarae started this whole thing, and you will make him pay for it. Thus the universe will rebalance itself.

The imps are thinning out, which means that another wave will come, because that’s what those little assholes do. You slit another throat that dissolves into grist, and look over your shoulder at your two headaches.

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An excellent little bit of AU fanfiction of an AU fanfiction (AUception! We have to go deeper!) - JS writes a wonderful Arsast point of view.

This is so fucking late


I had conceptualized this a while back and when I found out that Bramblepatch’s birthday was soon I got the fuck on this but then work like, took over my life and my computer ate the rough draft and I don’t even want to look at this pile anymore.

I’m so sorry for this shit, I want to spend forever on it and make it perfect but that can’t ever happen so happy late birthday and +100 chapters Bramble from a loyal lurker, sorry it took so long.

A fanfiction of a fanfiction people, I have fallen so low. For anyone who likes Gamzee or Homestuck in general I highly recommend the fic Miracle Child, just go check out the ask blog it’s got several links to the fic. It’s a +100 chapter novel of concentrated awesome


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Oh wow this is great! Thank you! :3