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Chapter 29 on AO3 contains all of chapters 115-121 on the kink meme. The AO3 mirror is now current with the homesmut post, for those who would prefer to read there!

Guess who’s back (back back)
back again (gain gain)
Miracle Child’s back (back back)
tell a friend (friend friend)

next time will be stuff happening I promise

Tonight’s chapter includes: questions someone should have thought to ask perigees ago.

Things I accomplished tonight: half an hour with an online thesaurus naming a character who is mentioned in passing once.

For those of you who prefer to read in bigger chunks at Archive Of Our Own, the fic is now fully updated there.

Chapter 27 on AO3 includes Chapters 102-108 on the kink meme.

At this rate people might start thinking I’m a writer or something.

This one has Terezi in >:]

Update up!

I may or may not end up opening the ask box this week - I’ve still got several old questions sitting around I still want to answer, and I think I’d rather not open it until we’ve seen a little more of how this particular bit of the story plays out. We’ll see!

It’s hard, being an epic hero of legend and growing up to be a loose canon more or less associated with a newly-formed rebellion against the empire. It’s hard and nobody understands.

A glimpse at Tavros and Vriska and their uncomfortably conciliatory (non?-)relationship in the Childstuck AU. If you’ve been upset by the recent canon updates, you may want to proceed with caution - it’s not the same situation as in canon, but it’s still… Vriska and Tavros.